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 About Us
About us
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 About us

Dongguan City Weima Machinery Co.,Ltd is a collection development, design, manufacture and sales of highly efficient grinding, nano-technology innovation enterprise crushing equipment. The company set up a laboratory to provide customers with the grinding test; experimental engineer and sophisticated detection equipment, to provide you with the entire particle grinding process standards. Vemma particles ground, accumulated experience and technology; company’s products include Disc sander disc CNG / CND series sander Super efficiency efficient turbo stick pin CML series sander Super Stick Pin the nanorods pin CMG Series sand mill, Large flow flow turbine CNN series sander, Industrial sand mill large horizontal sand mill, search Laboratory the small capacity sanding machine sanding machine, non-gap materials such as vertical sand mill; mechanical seal pieces, grinding components, such as the core component of match Germany, Japan imported parts and components.

As in dispersion, crushing, grinding, has a remarkable contribution to the enterprise, we are committed to provide customers with leading grinding equipment and services.

Enterprise purpose: to build a Vemma Brand
Committed to provide customers with the benefits and values

Corporate philosophy: people-oriented
Achieving a win-win situation

Enterprise spirit: self-improvement
Forge ahead

Service principles: warm and thoughtful